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IceCap Reef Cam: Watch your tank anywhere

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  • IceCap Reef Cam: Watch your tank anywhere

    Anyone else use this product yet? It is available at BRS for around $200

    Product description:

    Keep an eye on your reef from anywhere in the world with the first dedicated aquarium underwater micro video camera. The IceCap Reef Cam can be connected to your local network within minutes and then streaming to your iOS or Android device.

    120o field of view
    Live streaming
    WiFi enabled
    Less than 1" square
    Mounts inside or outside
    Completely waterproof lens
    MicroSD card slot (card not included)

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    I would love to know. I am interested in this as well.

    Does it work with the Apex Fusion app? Seems silly they would release something that wouldnt.
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      What are your thoughts so far? Interested but not willing to spend the cash yet without more reviews.
      -Aanonymous- (John)


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        One of our sponsors I believe posted a thread on here with them selling it. I will be getting it and when I do ordering from them to support a sponsor!