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  • Aqueon Heater Review


    I just wanted to let you all know of a positive experience I had with a manufacturer. I purchased two Aqueon 250W heaters for my 150 gallon total water volume system maybe a year or two ago.

    These were the expensive ones, with unbreakable ceramic housing, and the blue knob.

    They both had a lifetime warranty, but slowly crapped out on me during the last month or two. I think it was slow, because I didn't really notice until it got really cold last week. They both would turn on (green light), but the thermostat would never trigger them to heat at any temp setting.

    I couldn't find the receipt (although I really didn't look...). The guy I talked to at Aqueon had me cut the power cords and send him a photo, to show I wouldn't be using them since I didn't have the receipts.

    They overnighted two new heaters today. I was impressed that they actually honored their lifetime warranty. I guess the manufacturer during that time was half-assing stuff and they knew about this problem.

    Anyway, something to keep in mind next time you are buying.