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    Can anyone give me their opinion on these lights for a reef tank

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    I've heard they're a complete pain to program, but once you have it up and running it works well (unless the power goes out and the settings get cleared).

    This style light I'm not a fan of, it gets in the way on the top of the tank, the LEDs themselves don't have any optics, so it's more of a "blanket" effect than a focus mixed light.

    Also, due to the need to pack more LEDs in because of the lack of optics, they consume less energy per-LED then the counterparts from AI, Kessil, Maxspect or Radion. This is because they don't want to have an energy hog fixture, but it can result in underpowered lighting when you're only running ~.23W to an LED.

    I guess they do make a gooseneck mount now and you could do a pendant style mount to solve the first issue. My advice? buy from somewhere that has a good return policy, if you like it, use it. If not then return it.

    As with any LED, don't expect massive growth results from SPS, T5 and MH are still the preferred lights for people with good growth results.
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      Funny but from a scientific standpoint I disagree, to some degree, with almost every thing you said but we can address that later if needed.

      A really nice thing about these lights are that they are ip65 rated splash proof. This allows them to be close to the waters surface. Based of the inverse square law of light this will significantly increase the lights output regardless of the individual led amperage or the 120 degree optics. The 120 optics are to give it a good spread when close to the surface. The law states that as you half the distance to the light source , the intensity is squared.
      Example a 10 gallon aquarium with a light 10 inches above it and let'S say the light intensity at the bottom of the tank is 50 umol Now place the same lights at the waters surface the intesity at the bottom of the tank is 2,500 umol. So you can put weaker lights closer to the surface and get better output than higher power lightS Hanging 8 - 15 inches above the surface of the tank.

      What I do not like is they do not have the 420 nm wavelength. They do not go lower than 445 nm.
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