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  • New apex or the clasic

    Ok, so I'm finally in the market for an apex, question is should I go with the new one or stick with the classic. I do want a phone probe so I can turn off my dosing pumps if things stick on.

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    I would go with the new one. I will bet everything coming out will be able to use on the new one. Like the new pmup they have it will work on the 24v plus they have on it out you will need to buy a 1 link module to use on the classic. All around you get more for your money I think.


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      I was just concerned about new equipment bugs, not tonly mention it looks like an orange version of my nephews leap frog toy


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        The color I can get by. The problems were bad sd cards. Then when you do a firmware it is when it would lock up. I would get one but working on tank upgrade.


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          I'd go for the old one, everyone is dumping them cheap to try the latest and greatest. There nothing that the new one can do that the old one cannot I don't think, with all the modules, probes, links ect.


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            Where are people dumping the old ones? I've been looking everywhere to try to find a used PM1 and PM2.


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              Rusty, I've bought 2 from eBay in the last month. One was the standard apex with everything. 255 shipped. The other one I just bought was the gold one, lab grade probes, pms/salinity module, wxm module, extra eb4. $400


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                I think I saw the old one on eBay last week or so, but it didn't have the PM1 or 2. If you see one or both of those, could you let me know?


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                  Give the new Apex 2 years (that's right, TWO years) before changing. I have an LFS owner/friend in Michigan that has returned all of his new Apex units to Neptune after all of the units he sold were returned with bugs in the firmware and internal hardware failures. Because Neptune didn't want to ship him several "classic" replacement units, he dropped Neptune and went to the Vertex controller.



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                    I don't necessarily need an apex just want a controller that will alert me with issues


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                      OK, here's another one - if you can't get the Classic Apex, I urge you not to do anything with Digital Aquatics' Reefkeeper system.

                      Here's the reason: Back in 2009 or so, I was running a RKE on my system. After downloading and installing a software update on the unit, my wife and I left and went to my dad's for Thanksgiving. At the time of our departure, the RKE had been running ok for a week.

                      While we were gone, the RKE had an internal error and shut down - no safe mode ability, no built-in comms, so we didn't know.

                      We returned to a dead tank. Livestock, corals, everything dead.

                      I called DA and informed them of the issue. Not angry, didn't want money, just as a heads-up that there was a bug in the software. DA's response to me was "We never said that we guarantee this system to work correctly and keep your tank going. This controller is just for your convenience." <click>.

                      So I bought an Apex and never looked back. They have always worked great for me, but we have had one crash and fall back into safe mode, so I keep one and two spares at all times.

                      Don't get the wrong idea, when it comes to controllers the cat's meow for price and support is Neptune, and I'm a loyal customer.

                      Call Neptune and see if they will sell you a refurbished controller, or at least talk to them before making the buying decision.

                      There are at least two other proven controllers on the market. However, nothing is as great as the Apex for the money. They just have to work the bugs out of the new one.

                      If you want something flashy that is expensive and does not do as much as the Apex (my opinion after reading the reviews and putting one in my own hands, see here.

                      Otherwise, be patient and you'll find an old one. Keep in mind that you will require all new pH probes and a new temp probe if you buy used, unless the system is "new in box".



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                        Thanks Kev. Good advice.

                        I was looking on eBay last night for a PM1 or PM2, and there is a guy that is selling what looked like a complete Apex Setup (with a bunch of breakout boxes, etc.) for about $260 (I think that was the bid last night).

                        I thought about bidding for it and just keeping the PM1/2 boxes, but unless you happen to be selling something when someone is really in the market for something, I just see a lot of equipment just sitting in the "for sale" forums online.


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                          Hi, Rusty,

                          Are you just looking for used PM1 or 2 to save money vs. a new one? PM1 and 2's have always been a rare beast by themselves. I would check RC and R2R classifieds for those "getting out of hobby, everything must go!" ads, that's mostly where you'll find the discrete modules versus someone selling them by themselves.

                          BTW, is it just me or has RC really went downhill? I've been tankless for about 9 months while we built the new house and moved, and RC seems rather empty.



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                            To save money, and just not to waste stuff. Like I said, if others are like me, it's easy to accumulate a room full of gear.

                            I wish there was a better way to facilitate getting buyers and sellers together.

                            Our annual auction is a nice way to do this, but I remember seeing a 20# CO2 tank go for $1 because no one wanted it.

                            I've looked on Reef Central and R2R, and yeah, it doesn't look like there are many moving.

                            Most people have moved to R2R because RC's website has gotten a little stale.


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                              I kinda noticed... According to my browser the TOTM post is from 2015.