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Yet Another LED Question. Need help With Choice for 60*30*24

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  • Yet Another LED Question. Need help With Choice for 60*30*24

    I'm ordering a 60x30x24 and have been doing a ton of research. It's all starting to blend together. At 30" wide it can be a bit more difficult to get a light to reach that far with any par. I have thought of 3 Kessil 700's, 3 of the Radion Pros, or 3 of the Giesemann Vervve. Any help with the choice would be great, or any suggestion.

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    Wow this site has really quieted down since I left he hobby. Did something happen? Strange.


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      It's summer time man! Not a lot messing with their tanks.

      With such a large footprint, why not use a few LED fixtures strategically placed and supplement with T5s. That way you can get the power of the LEDs and use the T5s as filler. It will be much cheaper than a bunch of LEDs.


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        Thanks for reply. I was thinking of the combo LED with t5's similar to the BRS 160 Build. The price would be about the same as running 2 Vervve fixtures with T5's as 3 Vervve. I think I'm going with the Vervve fixtures just because the spectrum is closest to Blue Plus T5 bulbs. I wasn't planning on using a canopy but may go that route. I'm having a steel frame made and I'm going to have lighting rails attached. If I can find couple T5 fixtures that look good exposed I would be up for the combo. I have a few more weeks until tank is finished, so I have a little time to decided. Would like to have things ready by the time the Cora frag swap is here. Now on to the wavemaker choice.