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Best Skimmer for 75 mixed reef

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  • Best Skimmer for 75 mixed reef

    Looking at purchasing a new skimmer for my 75 gallon mixed reef with 20 gallon sump. Currently have 9 fish in the tank and a lot of coral. Have a bubble magus 5 currently on the tank and im not happy with the results. What does everyone recommend for a tank this size and with that bio load.

    Thanks in advance.

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    while im sure its not the best skimmer, i have the reef octopus and it works great. hard to beat the price point imo


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      Still love my Bashsea Twisted Skimmer with a medium bioload
      This is my reef tank
      There are many like it
      But this one is mine

      93 Gallon Rimless Cube, Full Apex, 2x Kessil A360WE, Bashsea Twisted Skimmer, 2x Geo Media Reactors, Maxspect Gyre 150, Bubble Magus Doser, 30 Gallon Geo Sump, 20 Gallon Geo Fuge