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lights for mr. aqua 12g

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  • lights for mr. aqua 12g

    Well its time to get back to having a reef tank. Been out for about 6 years now. About 11 months ago started a 20g tall freshwater planted. So i have decided to do a mr. Aqua 12g tank with maybe a 20 long for a sump. Now thetank is 35.5 x 8.5 x 9 if i remember. Looking at all kinds of lighting. Looking to keep zoas, mushrooms lps. Thoughtni would get some input on lighting.

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    budget ????


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      I think LED lighting would would well for this shape tank and what you are thinking of keeping. LEDs can range in price from some inexpensive Chinese or build it yourself kits to midrange like Maxspect to much more expensive offerings like NanoBox.

      You might want to check out this thread on Nano-Reef. He uses a Chinese LED he found on eBay for his tank. His tank is the reason I love the Mr. Aqua 12 so much.


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        These have been getting alot of good reviews
        Maybe overkill but plenty of power for any corals.
        This is my reef tank
        There are many like it
        But this one is mine

        93 Gallon Rimless Cube, Full Apex, 2x Kessil A360WE, Bashsea Twisted Skimmer, 2x Geo Media Reactors, Maxspect Gyre 150, Bubble Magus Doser, 30 Gallon Geo Sump, 20 Gallon Geo Fuge


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          Buckeyereffer, Budget around $200.00

          Mirya, I really like that tank. I have been following that thread.

          Iamsalty, that seems to be a nice light.


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            Was gonna set up the same tank until I bought a Cardiff. It will depend on what look you like (and budget). Since the tank is so shallow, you can get by with t5's or so I'm told. If price is no object, then why not try to talk Dave at Nano Box Reef into making you a special 35" edition? He can make them in 12" increments. Mirya has posted that she has a smaller NanoBox.


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              I am just going to stick with leds. I like the one imsalty posted a link for. I will check at nano box reef.