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    What exactly is the difference between a kalk reactor/stirrer and a calcium reactor? I am trying to decide if it is something I should think about for my new system, but I can't exactly figure out what the benefits of adding a kalk reactor would be. Can someone who runs one or knows what they are talking about fill me in?

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    No expert here but I run both on my system
    A calcium reactor will mainly add calcium and raise alkalinity. Also adds some trace elements from the media it is dissolving. It also can lower the ph of a tank due to the CO2 used especially if your tank demands are high. Also with high calcium demands it can be difficult to find a balance between mag, al and cal.
    A kalk reactor (neilson reactor) adds calcium and raises ph due to the high concentration of kalkwasser. Generally used in conjunction with top off thus not real controllable other than being able to manipulate the concentration of kalk.