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Hanna phos/alk/cal checkers

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  • Hanna phos/alk/cal checkers

    Anyone use these ?? Seem to be alot eaiser than the manual testing and just as effective.

    If so, do you recommend them ??

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    Had the old phos, it's good but somewhat pointless. If phos is being sucked up by algae in your system, it can still register near zero.

    The alk is solid and in line with LaMotte, which is one of the only consistent kits from batch to batch I trust.


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      Ok thanks. I guess I didn't think about the algae consuming the phos. before it would register.


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        I have the Phos and Alk and I am overall happy with them. They now have a calcium test, however, I believe its still getting the bugs worked out on it.
        The error margins are a bit to be desired, but, overall they have been in line with other test kits.


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          I really like the Hanna Checkers they are easy to use and you don't have to count drops or use a color card the Phos and Alk is very easy to use.the cal test is a little more work but it is a little hard to understand how to use it but i found out what i was doing wrong and it work good have to use Ro/Di water and just add about three drops of tank water or just 0.1ml of tank water. for me it is eaiser to see the number right ther than try to remember how many drop i have counted or how many ml i use to see what my number is.i find i do my testing more and it is not something i hate to do.


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            I have the Phos and alk and love them. no plans on ever switching back.
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