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    Yup straylight.


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      That video (Cherry Coral) was uploaded over 2 years ago so I am not sure how it compares to the one that Peter and Mr. Wilson tried out.


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        Take what Mr. Wilson says with a grain of salt. He has some "not so evident intrests" in the hobby.


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          I know that he has business interests in LED and is a partner with a specific company. In PM he is very up front about that so, yep I take everything anyone is who is selling something has to say with care
          very glad you mentioned that though


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            The problem that was first noted with LiFi plasma was that two drops in peaks around 420nm and 450nm made some people squirmish. At one point someone was looking at supplementing with LEDs at 420nm to offset this but I don't think there was any conclusive evidence that it helped support greater coral growth. I was under the impression that some of the quality LEDs being produced now had better lm/watt than the plasmas. Also, when you dim the plasma lighting doesn't it decrease the lm/watt efficiency?


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              I talked to Todd yesterday, and the plasma he was using was just a loaner for testing a couple years ago. He had to give it back. He said it was NOT dimmable, so I am not sure where Reefbuilders got the statement on their writeup that says Todd said the lights got a blue look when dimmed.

              Since it was not dimmable, Todd did not like the color (too yellow). He also said his unit, which was on loan from aqua illuminations, got real hot. Sounds like that has been somewhat rectified in the newer units. He was very impressed with the intensity and spread. He thought the answer, instead of dimming the bulb to get the blue, would be to supplement blue LEDs.

              I think slight dimming to get from the slight yellow to a more white (10k-12k) look, and using blue LEDs may be the ticket.

              I have not seen where any LEDs are showing more lumens per watt than the plasmas, but I just may not have run across that.
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                Here is a single plasma light on a 9' tank.

                Needs some supplementation, but what spread....

                Same tank with plasma lower and on a light mover, with actinic supplementation.

                4 straylight plasmas, showing dimming? These look dimmed down to 12 k or so to start with to me.
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