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finally an LED that I can get behind

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  • finally an LED that I can get behind

    check this link out

    now if anyone could just spot me 5 large as I think it would take about five base units to cover my 8' x 3' wide by 30" deep,

    I will gladdy share how well it works
    on the up side ten years of good life with no more than 30% decay and with half the power of m/h and no bulbs to replace really does make sense

    I was rather reserved when first reading about the orphs but heard from a couple of big time builders who are raving about the difference between this and the last two generations of leds.

    I have to admit that I am changing what I have thought of regarding the use of led.
    I was never happy seeing the first two generations. corals were staring to death as those units just could not provide that full specturum or the did not have the punch to reach deeper than a few inches

    I was impressed to read that the units are really under driven as well. That has to be a good thing
    btw the I found that link for coral mag on line

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    Where is the red and green LEDs? Remember with light mixing it's Red, Blue and Green that make all the colors.


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      Originally posted by Hollback View Post
      Where is the red and green LEDs? Remember with light mixing it's Red, Blue and Green that make all the colors.
      Earlier today I posted a thread about EcoTech's new LED fiixture it features:

      5-channel control of color and intensity, 6-channel capable
      8x Cree XP-G Cool White LEDs run at 5w each
      8x Cree XP-E Blue LEDs run at 3w each
      10x Cree XP-E Royal Blue LEDs run at 3w each
      4x Cree XP-E Green LEDs run at 3w each
      4x Osram Oslon SSL Hyper Red LEDs run at 3w each
      RGB LED configuration allows infinite color possibilities
      Integrates wirelessly with VorTech pumps and other Radion fixtures
      USB Connectivity
      Computer configurable advanced settings
      Compatible with EcoTech Battery Backup

      So far this seems to me to be one of the most viable hiigh end LED fixtures on the market. Of course I have not seen one in person yet and neither has anyone else in the general public.


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        I am not an engineer so I may be speaking way beyond where I should be, However, red light only travels about a meter or a tick more in super clear water so its not an important wavelength spectra to the symbiotic alga

        Shawn Wilson the led builder on that mega build in Toronto really knocks the cree pieces for not having either the punch or sectra for being able to reach the 30" plus deep tanks

        I fully admit I don't get the tech part of why but honestly can not argue with what those guys are achieving.
        they are getting robust coral growth and minimal bad algae growth.
        both of those things sound pretty good to me


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          Yeah. Itt seems like for every expert review I have heard or read, there is someone out there defyiing what they said with successful growth and color.
          One thing I think is interesting, with the adjustable channels, if you could have the RGB channels independantly cycle through intensity during the day you may be able to really cover the spectrum. I still want long term proof that the phosfers inside the bulbs will last anywhere near what manufacturers are claiming bulb life is.


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            for me it doesn't make any difference as I don't think I can ever make the up-front costs and still be able to buy some fish food and salt LOL

            It is exciting to think that the industry might be turing the corner in creating a purpose built light for coral aquariums

            Plasma seems to have aleardy largely fizzled out

            back on the orphek for a second, I liked how much they stripped off their system. I do not want nor need a storm mode or similars. But think they missed the boat in not creating a programable lunar cycle. They left moonlights but its on or off and nothing in between.

            also fearfull of the built in timers. I want as few of things to go wrong as possible
            it would be beyond sickening for the unit to work fine but not be able to turn on or off because of a fault in a timer