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  • Battery Backup

    I am looking for a good battery backup to run my Blueline 70 (states 290w) for a few hours if needed. That should give me time to get the generator up and running. Any suggestions?

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    That is some serious pump with quite a bit of power. I dont think u gonna find some battery pack that will run it easily. (i might be wrong) If i was you i would get power inverter for cars, u can find them in various sizes and wattage. And a car battery that is going to be fully charged. So when it happens just simply hook up inverter to the battery and plug the pump in inverter and thats it.
    Hope it helps.


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      The problem with that is that the whole point of having it is so that when I'm not home it gives me some time. I have a generator for when I am around and the power goes out.


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        You'll have to spend 400-500+ easy to make that happen, FYI. That's a power hog and a pump that will require very clean power that not a single "pc" UPS will supply (not to mention lasting minutes instead of hours).


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          That is why I think I have decided on this:


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            Just a size note:

            I read somewhere that most systems will last 4-8 hours before oxygen depletion.

            Our power goes out for extended periods of time about twice a year. I don't consider hooking up my emergency system until at 6 hours of no power. I've waited this long for half a dozen times and never lost a anything.