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  • sump help

    Ok so i bought that frag setup from joe. Its drilled and has a mj on a closed loop...
    i dont like closed loop mainly bc im a chicken and afraid it will leak.

    I want to put a 10g below it for a sump.

    How hard would it be? It has a corner overflow. I will be making a durso for it.

    But what should I use as a return pump? I don't need a ton of flow....I'm putting freshwater in it.

    the tank is 24x17x9


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    How many gallons is tank?
    Mag 5 or 3 might work depending on head pressure


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      Its roughly 15 gallons...

      I will get a rough height later today....

      just trying to figure out how to build a durso for a tank drilled in the back wall not the bottom with an overflow....hmmmm
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        use bulkheads w 90* in the tank. then T them off on the back then use plumbing into the sump


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          Thanks corey, im blonde and dont get

          I dont want to change the bulkhead out if i dont have to, but if i do have to then so be it.


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            you shouldnt have too. if it has one in it already i cant see why you couldnt use it. the plumbing on the back of the tank is the only part you should need to buy


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              ahhh lol...see told ya im blonde. ive only ever delt with tanks that are drilled on the bottom. the tank does have a bulkhead...and a return with a spraybar.

              are there any links to the plumbing i would want to use?

              also the tank is roughly 3ft from the shelf the 10g sump would go on.



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                Here you go Belle, external standpipe diagram.


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                  thanks jason!!!

                  now im confused again, would the same concept apply if the tank is drilled on the lower back wall? like by where the back wall and bottom meet up?


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                    I think so .... You will want to add a length of pipe on the inside to bring the inside up to proper level.

                    On the outside I do not know if that has to come up to level or not.


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                      Thanks amber...level with the overflow?

                      So basically water will be flowing over the piece of pipe into the sump?

                      i have the return down, its

                      any recomendations on gph to push 3ft up?

                      this tank is just going to be for shellie cichlids so i dont need a ton of flow....