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10 to 40 both sumpless

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  • 10 to 40 both sumpless

    After deciding not to set the 125 up this year Martin told me to go bigger. Go ahead set up another tank. He is now regretting those words because I actually did it. However he is getting into this just as much. He has plans for MY tank. The 125 had to be moved into storage. So I could have a place to put the 40.

    I bought some cabnits at an auction and they match the cabnits used for other tanks and in our kitchen. One of them had to be modified to allow for our heat vent. It now directs the heat out into the room.

    25lbs of base rock cooked 3 weeks not long but tried to get a headstart.
    4 pound piece of live rock
    10 pounds will eventually move from the 10 to the 40

    There is no light over the 40 for now but in the next few weeks I will have the Lumenmax2 pendant running 250w SE on a ice cap.
    Ken thank you for the tank tour. We left with so many ideas rattleing through our heads. We still are debating on which light we will go with. 14k or 20k.

    The seio 1100 in the back corner is shooting straight across the back. The Korolia 3 is in the back center pointed up and at the front glass. There seems to be good flow everywhere.

    The seaclone will go on the 40 when things move over but I will also be switching to a tunze nano.

    The 10 gallon will stay right there as my QT I may get more rock for it also and put the seaclone back on it and leave it as a running qt. Then if and when needed I will have a hospital tank to treat in.

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    Looks like a good start.
    I really like the Reeflux 20K 250 SE bulbs. They give good color and intensity and do not require actinic supplementation.
    The Hamilton 14K look good too, but do not have quite as much intensity.

    Even though one is named a 14K and the other a 20K, they are very close in overall color.
    This is not true of all vendor's bulbs.
    For example, an XM 20K will be a darker blue than the Reeflux 20K.
    Just something to keep in mind as you make your decision.


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      Got the final rock moved over from the 10. It changed the look from ok to I love it. Frogspawn is on the sand but getting moved soon, I like it there but it does not get to open nearly as big as before.

      Not pictured is the light, it is 18 inches high. We switched from PC to MH. Its hanging securely but a bit hillbilly. We will start lowering it to about 12 inches slowly. However I love the look and coverage now. The temp is holding well and it is not over heating. I am thinking this is the 12k reflux bulb. I love it.

      I am so in love with this tank. Even more than when I started the 10

      with flash


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        looking real good