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Oceanic 92 Gallon Corner Bowfront build

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  • Oceanic 92 Gallon Corner Bowfront build

    Ok.. Well I figured I would start my tank build thread becuase I noticed that this section was a little empty.. lol

    I am starting with the following picked up from Craigslist:

    - Oceanic 92 Gallon Corner Bowfront with corner overflow and glass lid
    - Corner stand
    - Oceanic Model 1 sump
    - Mag 9.5 pump
    - Turbo Twist UV (not going to use)
    - A whole tote of misc stuff
    - Sunlight Supply Reef Optix 3+ with 14K bulb (THANK YOU HOLBACK)
    - 2 Icecap 250W (6 month old) ballasts (another forum)
    - Icecap 120mm cooling fan setup (THANK YOU TacoKing)
    - 30 Gallon tank (THANK YOU TacoKing)
    - 1 20-30lbs Tonga Shelf rock (will need to be broken up I think)

    I have purchased the following:

    - 2 Koralia K4's
    - Cleaner magnet
    - 100lbs of live sand
    - 50lbs Marco Sig rock (DRY)
    - 50lbs of Premium Figi (DRY)

    Here are the custom plans:

    - Custom built canopy (by yours truely )
    - Custom built sump based on the Model E desgin from
    - PVC Plumbing

    Future Plans:
    - Another Reef Optix 3+
    - 24" Actinic Retro
    - 36" Actinic Retro
    - Icecap 660
    - Skimmer (still up in the air)
    - Aquacontroler 3 (when money permits)

    Pics to follow:

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    Lightning Plan:

    Under stand lighting:

    Marco Rock Signature 50lbs:

    Current Sump (upgrade in the works):

    Overflow with return:

    Overview (Current):


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      Good find. I wanted a 92g corner bowfront tank too but I never found one.

      Great start.


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        I just procured the following to add to my build:

        -another Sunlight Supply Reef Opitx 3+ with 20K bulb
        - Icecap 660 with heatsink and powercord
        - 4 Icecap T5 endcaps with stand off's
        - 4 Sunlight supply coated clips

        Thanks Jiriki. Yea it is a great space saver, but doesn't give much room to work with also.. lol


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          Looks good so far. Do you plan to run through the wall to a remote sump or continue under the tank?

          I was very glad I setup a remote sump room this time, I can feed it from several different displays and the frag tank.


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            The space is a bit awkward but I definitely like the tank. There's a corner part of my house which it'd fit perfectly which is why I looked for one for a while.

            Keep the updates coming.


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              I wish I could do a remote something. If I had a basement I would have so many options.. lol


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                This is we I have been able to do so far:

                - Stand Damage

                -Stand Repair


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                  - Tonga Shelf Rock

                  - 50lbs Dry Premium Figi Rock


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                    - Custom Canopy (In Progress)

                    Oh yea and who could forget the little one having a litte bit of fun!

                    Please feel free to let me know what you think....
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                      How tall are you planning to make the canopy?
                      For Metal Halide I would suggest it be around 18" tall (or more) to allow for heat dispersion.
                      It is easier to lower the lights than heighten the canopy later.


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                        It is built for the bulb to be 12 inches off the water. I was reading on RC that it was the "recommended" minimum height. Now for heat dispersion the backs will be either all left open and I am going to pick up some luvered duct covers from lowes, and thier will be a 4" Icecap Temp controller fan directly between the MH's to suck out as much heat directly from the source as possible.

                        I am also kicking around the idea of to more circulation fans.

                        Do you think this setup will cause more evaporation than normal?
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                          That was fast.. already got your first fish in there! Looks like a jumper... better get that canopy done before she carpet surfs!

                          Usually, water/rocks/sand are usually added first...


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                            Originally posted by jiriki View Post
                            That was fast.. already got your first fish in there! Looks like a jumper... better get that canopy done before she carpet surfs!

                            Usually, water/rocks/sand are usually added first...
                            I know right!! It was really hard to get her out of there.. lol


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                              Wow.. Between work (on the road) and family its hard to accomplish much, but this week I was able to get A LOT done.

                              Stand Repair Part 2!!