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DIY - Dual Stage Media Reactor bypass valve

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  • DIY - Dual Stage Media Reactor bypass valve

    So a number of people, including myself, were interested in the Bulk Reef Supply Dual stage Media Reactor. (shown below with my mod)

    I had heard the complaint that Carbon can handle a lot more flow than GFO so I set about to find a solution.

    It turned out to be rather simple and inexpensive ($5).

    First I went to Lowes and purchased:
    3 x 1/2" schedule 80 MPT to 90 degree Barbed hose fitting ($0.78 each)
    1 x 1/2" schedule 80 combination tee (barbed ends, FPT in the center) ($0.99)
    1 roll Teflon tape ($0.99)

    I already had the 1/2" ID tubing and shutoff valve.

    Start by applying Teflon tape to all three elbows.

    Next screw one elbow into the combination tee until it lines up with one end. It should look like an "h".

    Next install the tubing on the two bottom legs of the h, I made mine about 4" long.

    Then install the other two elbows into the tubing so the threads face away from each other.

    Now dissemble the reactor from the plate (8 screws) and remove the 1/2" MPT to MPT connector between the two chambers.

    Now screw one elbow into the first chamber as far as it will go. Using less Teflon tape will allow it to screw in farther and improve the clearance.
    Then screw the second chamber onto the other elbow. I left the first chamber still and rotated the second one.

    Now set both chambers on a flat surface and start all 8 screws through the plate. My chambers twisted just slightly and no longer sat perfectly flat, but I did not have to drill any new holes.

    Now install the valve on the top leg of the "h" (which is now upside down).

    I placed Carbon in the first chamber and GFO in the second. (opposite what it says)
    I am using a MJ1200 wide open through the Carbon and then I open the new valve to about 50%.
    You can use the new valve to adjust the flow through the GFO to a gentle tumble.
    You lose the benefit of running it through the carbon after the GFO to remove any potential Phosphate, but you can easily have 5x more flow through the carbon than the GFO.

    Close Up of the bypass valve.

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    had heard the complaint that Carbon can handle a lot more flow than GFO so I set about to find a solution.

    Looks like a great easy to do DIY

    My question is. Although carbon can handle more flow is there a reason that the lower flow is not good?


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      The slower flow is not a problem, it just means it takes longer to run all of your water through the carbon.