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My 180g reef and 93g anemone cube.

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  • My 180g reef and 93g anemone cube.

    I thought I'd share my new build. Its a 6'2'2' 180g reef and 93g cube thats going to house my anemones and clownfish. Both tanks are plumbed through the wall into the "sump room" which consist of a 107 sump, 54g frag tank, and 70g refugium. Im running 2 skimmers (this is an experiment on ph control as 1 will only be ran at night when tank lights are out. Also running frag system and refugium opposite of display). Sump has 6 of the big marine pure blocks and live rock, refugium has live sand, "mud", several types of macro algae, and a couple mangroves. The whole mess is controlled by the 2016 apex. Pics coming soon.

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    Sounds awesome, I'm in the process of setting up a 180 myself, not as elaborate as this.
    So with the 2 skimmers, are you trying to stabilize your pH? Also what brand are the 2 skimmers?
    Looking forward to some pics.


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      Yes trying to stabilize the ph but im unsure if ill even have the ph issues I had when my tanks where in the basement. One is a simplicity DC skimmer which I absolutely love and the other is a large recirculating. I forget the brand off the top of my head but I traded my reef octopus 200int for it.