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    Hey everyone,

    I dove back into the hobby over the summer with a hastily constructed 29g standard display and a 10 gallon sump. My wife said its ugly and I need to upgrade and Im not arguing!

    I bought a 54 corner rr with stand for 250. Im planning on going through the wall and possibly doing a rubbermaid/trough sump and using my current 29 for a fuge. Does anyone here have experience with rubbermaid sumps? Im not thinking of anyhting large, just enough for skimmer, reactor, etc.

    Also, Im trying to figure out lighting for the 54. Im debating over a couple kessils or a hydra 26 (or 52 if the 26 wouldnt cut it). I do not plan on a SPS heavy tank. The odd dimensions of the tank are making me question my lighting requirements.

    PS. This is being sold on nano reef - anyone know anything about it?

    I purchased thisfor a build that I was never able to do and now I am going bigger. This is an exceptional light and truly one of the best on the market. I...

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    Hey everyone,

    The 54 is coming along nicely. Ive been impatient and purchased corals since then, (thanks Hollback!). I plan on cycling the new tank for a few more weeks (Been almost a month) adding some of my liverock from the other tank and then transferring over!

    The 29G is pretty rough, it was a trial in crappy DIY (I am taking my time and investing from now on).

    Im excited to continue in the hobby!
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      Looks good