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Setting up 150H

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  • Setting up 150H

    I am in the process of setting up my new 150H aquarium. We are putting it in our bedroom with the equipment below in the basement.
    I am using an old 120 as a display fuge and to run some equipment out of. I have the stand built for it and also built a multipurpose stand to place next to it. That stand will house all of the electrical plugs, dosing station, and cultures.

    I have ordered tanks for my mixing station, hopefully they will be in soon (been about 3 weeks). I bought two 30gal tanks, one for rodi and one for fresh saltwater.

    I still need to figure out the sump for under the fuge. I have rock, sand and some macro in there now getting a jump start on the cycle. The rocks and sand are all left overs from my previous system.

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    That looks cool. You going to tale the rock out when you add macro?


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      I am going to take most of it out. A lot of it will end up in the 150 display tank and some of it will get dried back out once I figure out what is not going to be used.


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        nice. I miss when I had a display fuge. I may have liked it more than the reef! lol.


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          Yeah I find myself already sitting in front of it watching the copepods run around the glass. Their polulation has exploded. I bought a couple of bags of copepods to seed it with.

          I bought 2 of these fluval led lights when they were on sale a couple of months ago. I finally got use them and one quit working after 10 days. I emailed fluval about it and they told me to return it to the store.
          Well that is about a 3 hour round trip and i highly doubt that i am still in the return window. So I tore it apart and it was just a diode that got fried. So I soldered in a new one and it is back up and running.


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            Pretty excited the tanks for my water storage are finally home. Now I can make some progress.

            Ordered these through national tank outlet. They are made in lancaster, I actually picked them up at the plant. Took them about 5 weeks to make them though.


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              Like the look of those a lot. Thank you for posting where you got them!
              -Aanonymous- (John)