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  • Jarrell's first tank

    Recently I decided to get a fish tank. Mostly because my father has about 6 of them and every little boy wants to be just like his dad right? Well, turns out I went a little overboard and I'm loving every second of it. I decided to go with saltwater for my first ever tank/s. I ended up getting a 120g and 180g aquarium at about the same time. The 180g I bought was already running in someone's basement! It was over 700lbs dry (thank you Travis and John for helping) and we had to get it up the stairs, transport the water, rock, fish, and other miscellaneous parts and pieces. Just transporting everything and setting it up took 18+ hours. Travis and I build the stand for the 180 and ran all the plumbing for both (basically travis did all the work while I provided emotional support). He did one hell of a job too. I'm still in the process of getting my 120 cycled and ready for fish but the 180 is coming along nicely. It amazes me how much actually goes into this as I learn more and more each day. Although I'm still in the beginning stages with tons more work to do, it's been an absolute thrill and I'm very excited to continue the journey.

    The 180g came with a sea cucumber, a beautiful sailfin tang, and two engineer gobies. One of the gobies comes out every couples days to play, today he swam into the overflow though... a little scary. I think I may have spotted a couple corals today? Other than the aiptasia of course.

    Here's the gallery!
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    Welcome and my condolences (for your wallet) (this is John, btw)

    You've definitely jumped in with both feet! Were you able to get the goby out of the overflow?
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    -Aanonymous- (John)


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      Hey, I think I met you yesterday at B-Dubbs. Welcome to the hobby!

      Ask lots of questions, we're here to help.

      I'm not sure I saw any corals in the photos, but you might be seeing some algae or some featherdusters set in at this early stage.

      I'm sure you'll see some fun stuff pop up on its own.

      Do nuke the aiptasia with a good Kalkwasser coating or Joe's Juice if you can get your hands on some. It's best to nuke them when you first see them before they spread.


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        Hey thanks guys! Yes the goby came out. Today I did a big water change added sand and now I'm aquascaping. I also got 4 black box lights and the guy threw in 5 zoa frags. For the aiptasia, I'm considering a file fish but for now I just removed it with a knife.

        I'll be sure to post some pictures of the new light fixture. I still have to make a skin and canopy. Rusty, I saw a small zoa colony pop up so that was pretty awesome.

        Well.... back to working on the tank, rocks been out for 30 min so I need to get it back in!


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          I built my canopy last night, I sill need to paint it to seal it and add the front part. So far she looks beautiful. Going to paint it tonight before I add the trim around the outside. Thinking about tiling it on the outside, not sure yet.
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            Why are the pictures so big?


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              you uploaded uncompressed photos.

              Also, that cat looks like it's angry that you haven't added fish for it yet...
              BUILDING OUT:
              75g corner acrylic pentagon DT with repurposed AIO chambers for marinepure reactor
              3x 50g acrylic frag tanks
              100g rubbermaid sump


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                I have a sailfin tang and two engineer gobies and a sea cucumber in there!

                How do I fix the photos?


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                  Originally posted by Jarrellm13 View Post
                  I have a sailfin tang and two engineer gobies and a sea cucumber in there!

                  How do I fix the photos?
                  Holy Picture Size Batman


                  resize it and edit your post with the new sized image.


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                    Holy Picture Size Batman

                    Jarrellm13... no worries... happens to all of us.
                    Thank you to all the wives, husbands, friends, family, and significant others who help make this hobby possible.



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                      Those pictures are HUUGE (in my best Trump voice).

                      Looks good though Plenty of light.
                      ==> New 210 Miracles Starphire Build in Progress!


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                        Finished my canopy. Two heavy duty gaskets hold it up since the 6ft door is kinda heavy. Here is the link because I can't figure out how to post photos from my phone the right way.



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                          Very nice!
                          -Aanonymous- (John)