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92g Corner Tank Build

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  • 92g Corner Tank Build

    I am finally getting around to starting to build my 92g corner tank that I got off of craigslist months ago. I currently have a 72g bowfront up and running and plan to break it down and move everything over to the 92g. Along with the 92g I also got a bunch of rock (~90lbs) that I have in a 40 gallon brute trash can. I already purchased new sand as well and will throw my old sand away.

    My 72g has been running for about a year now with pretty good success although I do have GHA, bubble algae, and I think I just saw a few flatworms.

    A question I have for the community is should I start fresh with the 92g and cook all of the rock in the 72g since I have GHA, BA, and possibly flatworms? I am hesitant to do this as the rock has a lot of good life (tube worms, green sponges, coralline, etc.)

    Thanks in advance for the responses!
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    You could give it a good scrub before you transfer it. Just give it a good rinse.


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      i would re-use the rock, imo algae is managable enough to not worrying about starting over


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        I'm a fan of cooking and starting from scratch. Just add a few pieces of good clean liverock to seed it. Just my opinion.
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          We are in the process of getting our 210 planned out and we are going to start fresh. Everyone has different results doing different things, I just figure new tank why not have new problems ha ha. Good luck with the build!

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