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BCT15's reboot progression

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  • BCT15's reboot progression

    I will use this thread to upload pictures of my SPS corals to show how they grow over time. I am also not good at taking pictures, so maybe my picture skills will show improvement over time as well.

    I restarted my tank (added water) around April or May of 2015 and started adding coral in August. I moved from MS to the Columbus area in November of 2014, and during the move I lost my entire coral and fish collection. The old tank was a full blown, fully mature SPS tank packed full of large SPS colonies. After everything died I wasn't sure if I was going to restart it or not. One of the CORA members came by and helped me get the tank down to my basement and I decided to restart it. I had kept my live rock wet in rubbermades the whole time, so it was fairly easy to restart. I do still have two acan mini colonies and a melanarus wrasse from my previous tank still alive in this one.

    Like before, the reboot is a primarily SPS tank with mostly acros. Everything has been started from frags, and I have gone out of my way to not get the highly popular named corals. I have a few of the named corals that I've always liked, but for the most part these corals are not "trendy".

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    Welcome to the club! You should come out to the fish food meeting Saturday, if you can. I look forward to seeing the build.


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      PC Rainbow from September 2015 to April 2016. This is one of the few named corals I have but I've always liked this one.

      PC Rainbow September 24, 2015

      PC Rainbow December 14, 2015

      PC Rainbow January 18, 2016

      PC Rainbow February 23, 2016

      PC Rainbow April 5, 2016


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        I don't know if I can make the fish food meeting, I will try. I am going to try to start showing my face at some of the meets.

        My laptop is about to die, I will get some more pictures uploaded to photobucket and the thread tomorrow and over the weekend.


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          Nice color. Tell us about your setup. What size is your system? What lighting? Flow? Dosing or reactor?


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            I thought I had that info in the original post, is there a way to edit it in there or should I just start the thread over?

            The tank specs:
            Size: 66L"x22W"x26"D
            Lights: 2 x 400w mh
            Flow: 2 mp40's and 1 mp10 (usually 3 mp40s and mp10, but a 40 is out of commission).
            Skimmer: h&s external
            Return pump: mag18
            Dosing: 2 part (baked baking soda and driveway heat) on 1.1 mL dosers and mechanical timers. Currently about 120 mL a day.
            Sump: I think it is a 40 breeder or there about
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              Looking good.
              Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.


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                Looks great!!
                This is my reef tank
                There are many like it
                But this one is mine

                93 Gallon Rimless Cube, Full Apex, 2x Kessil A360WE, Bashsea Twisted Skimmer, 2x Geo Media Reactors, Maxspect Gyre 150, Bubble Magus Doser, 30 Gallon Geo Sump, 20 Gallon Geo Fuge


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                  wow, what was happening in december? crazy how much deeper red it was. would be interested to see what you were doing/wern't doing thats different from before and after.


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                    I think it looks like it has less red because it is a side view shot. I think it may also be the way the picture came out as well. It still has a good bit of red when viewed from the top down. This picture is not the best but hopefully it shows the red when viewed from above. You can also see some strange elongated blue growth tips. Not sure whats going on there.


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                      Haha awesome man


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                        Here is a few more corals, I took all of these pictures on March 29.

                        Full Spectrum

                        Shogun Milli

                        Fire Tart

                        Super Hairy Milli

                        Phoenix Acro


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                          And a few more I took at the same time

                          Rainbow Milli and Super Man Stage

                          Blue Stag

                          Pink Polyped Tenuis


                          Royal Vein


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                            And this is another cool progression of my bicolor prostrata, these are top downs and I'm still trying figure out how to take top downs. In particular, where to position the halide to get a decent picture.

                            Bicolor prostrata- October 15, 2015

                            Bicolor prostrata- December 21, 2015

                            Bicolor prostrata- March 29, 2016


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                              Wow those things are growing like weeds for you