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Ian's 29g Biocube Preperations/Build Log

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  • Ian's 29g Biocube Preperations/Build Log

    Hello everyone! I am new here, My name is Ian and I have been keeping freshwater tanks for quite some time now. My current tank is filled with java moss and some misc fish & inverts. I have been wanting to have a saltwater aquarium ever since I was little and decided to fulfill my dreams! I appear to be still locked out of certain portions of my account (I.E can't change personal info and settings) but I am from Columbus (really wotown). Enough with the introduction lets get to the tank!

    Nothing here is set in stone, If I am missing anything (or you have helpful suggestions) PLEASE tell me!

    Tank Items:
    • Coralife Biocube 29g ~$350-$400
    • Heater ~$30
    • Protein Skimmer ~$30-$100 (I don't have an exact one picked out, probably just the Biocube branded one)
    • Live Sand ~$10-30
    • 20-30lbs of live rock ~$10/lbs (Although I'm thinking that seems a little too expensive)
    • RO water ~$.89/gal
    • Salt ~$50-$100 (I'll probably end up getting 150-200 gallons worth)
    • Hydrometer ~$10
    • Refractometer ~$40 (Is this necessary?)

    Live Stock:
    • Pair Of clownfish
    • Hammer Coral
    • Some sort of anemone (bubble tip?)
    • Variety of Zoanthids
    • Various soft corals
    • I currently do not have a cleanup crew list

    I know I am bound to be missing something! This is my first saltwater tank ever; so I am bound to make mistakes. After I have a finalized list I will start purchasing items and get the cycle ready. I am looking forward to future mods/upgrades but I want a tank that will sustain right now and worry about newer lights and such later. Thanks to everyone who has read this and will support me along the way! I will post updates!

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    I would look into youre own RO/DI unit. Will save you heaps in long term. And skip hydrometer and just go for refract.

    Start with dry rock. Significantly cheaper and no pests.

    These are some of the things i wish people told me when I first started .

    Good luck, welcome and I cant wait to see it set up!


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      Thanks! Is there any particular place you recommend dry rock from, local or internet? Also should I still use live sand?


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        Rivers to reefs usually has a selection of dry rock, or bulk reef supply.

        Live sand is a good idea, since price difference isnt that much, but the whole tank will become live once the cycle completes. Just takes a bit longer with dry rock and sand typically.


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          I agree with Grizzly on the dry rock and RO/DI unit.

          I suggest normal sand and then add a little bit of live rock and live sand to seed your system. This will jump start the necessary bacteria.


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            Thanks for all the help so far. I am now considering getting an RO/DI unit; I just learned that you do not need to install a separate sink head but rather you can just keep it under the sink and use when needed.


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              If you are doing that get a decent sized one so you can fill up your reservoir of fresh ROdi water quickly.


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                Ian...check your "visitor message" I have cple RO/DI units an accessories.



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                  Originally posted by buckeyereefer View Post
                  Ian...check your "visitor message" I have cple RO/DI units an accessories.

                  Thanks! I'll keep it in mind when buying all the parts. I'll be sure to let you know if I want it.

                  Aquarium Adventure has the 29g Biocube for about $400 but they say it has a wavemaker, upgraded filter, and new lights. I don't recall any exact part names for those upgrades; I don't think they were provided. I have a discount as well as a gift card there so the tank will cost me around $310... I figure it will be better just to get it in store with some upgrades instead of getting it online and paying for shipping and such.

                  So far I have dropped
                  • Hydrometer
                  • Live Rock
                  • Possibly the RO/DI water for a RO/DI unit

                  and added
                  • Dry Rock
                  • Testing Kit
                  • Thermometer


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                      The 14g is $243, the 29g is $306

                      It's about the same price with the upgrades with my discount @ Aquarium Adventure.


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                        Hey guys! This project has been on the backburners for a while now but I finally decided to make it my priority. Within the next few weeks I will be buying the tank and essential parts to start a tank cycle/break-in.

                        I will keep everyone updated...