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2x60 Cube Build

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  • 2x60 Cube Build

    So figured I would start a build thread to help try and document the inevitable ups and downs.

    Current plan:
    Tanks: 2 60 gallon cubes, side by side
    The tanks will have custom ghost style overflows installed (still need to drill the tanks and work out the layouts and design of the overflows)

    Sump: LifeReef CLF2

    Skimmer: SVS3-30 (may try to fit the 36" skimmer, but recognize this would likely be significant overkill)

    Return pump: Current plan is a MagDrive 18, but will be discussing an external pump option with Jeff

    Control: Apex

    Flow: Not completely decided atm
    I currently have the following available to me, and could buy different:
    1 Gyre 150
    1 Gyre 130
    1 Neptune WAV (2 pumps and controller)
    2 MP40s

    Heat: undecided

    Lighting: I already have ReefBreeder Photon 32s that will be used.

    Rockwork: Trying to decide if I want to reuse the rock I already have or go all new. I would really like to do one of the tanks with West Mariculture 'rock', but still need to reach out to them and see what we can come up with and how much it would cost.

    Stand: custom wood
    I was hoping to do a steel stand, but was not able to find a local builder or a price I could justify at this time. So, wood it is! Frame has been built, but I still need to work on the layout for the Apex and finish the interior.

    The dimensions of the frame are 42" tall x 25" deep x 55" wide.
    To keep the WAF (Wife Approval Factor) up, I am going to be putting the tanks back to back, so the overflows will drop down the middle. This will keep the tanks 5-6" closer to the wall, meaning they will not stick out as far into the room.

    Refugium: I am hoping to have a display refugium, but this will depend on the final size of the filter.

    I am sure there is more, but this is a start. My hope is to be able to get this system wet by the end of March or sometime in April.

    The imgur album for this build can be found here:
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    Nice. I am doing a single 60 cube build, still waiting for a couple things in the mail. Then it's time to plumb. I was thinking of starting a thread on my "budget" build.