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    My girlfriend and I purchased a 210g tank and stand to eventually set up and transfer some livestock from our 75g tank. We got it from a friend of her dads but before we looked at it he dropped it off at his house. Looking at it the seals look like things weren't carefully taken care of, he said it still held water. As a peace of mind and to be visually appealing I want to seal the whole tank before the build starts. Has anyone had any experience doing this themselves/taking it somewhere or would it be more time and cost effective to just replace the tank with a new one?

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    Are you talking about the seals around the bulkheads or the corners of the tank where there is caulking?

    it is as simple as razor blade the old stuff off and apply new stuff and letting dry. a 210gallon tank brand new is going to be 600+ or so. I'd definitely try to reseal and then test, drain retest let water sit for a little bit etc, but i've done it before.