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75 gallon plumbing question

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  • 75 gallon plumbing question

    I will be sitting up my 75 gallon corner over flow this weekend. I currently have a near center overflow with PVC piping. I will do my best to describe what it is I have for plumbing currently. From the Return pump straight into the overflow and coming down into the sump it comes down about 8 inches then makes a 90 degree turn to reach the other end of the 30 gallon sump and another 90 degree turn into the sump/ filter sock. There is also a shut off value from the aquarium back into the pump.

    Should i go with this set up again or try something new? The only thing changing in the sump is the new eheim pump from the mag 9.5. other than that, it will all remain the same.


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    Also do people prefer the PVC piping for plumbing or the soft plastic tubing i have seen individuals use?


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      i recomend pvc even tho right now i have soft tubing using pvc will give it a more neat look and easier to add onto when needed