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  • diy lumenarc reflector

    So I decided that the 15 year old spider reflectors had seen there better days go by and it was time to replace them with something better.
    Looked around the internet for some replacements and seemed most people thought the lumenarc reflectors were one of the best reflectors out there.
    So since I like diy projects,( just kinda a sense of satisfaction when you can do it on your own, and it actually works!) Plus the money saving aspect of it. I decided to try it myself and found some plans on Reef Central, bought all the materials at Lowe's and went to work.
    Went to a print shop and had the plans blown up to the dimensions I wanted which was around the same size as the "mini" lumenarc. (Cost like 1.50)

    Found the solar tube material at Lowe's for 29.00

    Traced it and cut out the pieces.

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    Bent all the pieces and assembled them

    This is what they ended up looking like, the second one turned out a little better than the first one.

    Installed in the canopy and are working very well and did it all for around 90.00 for two.


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      Thanks for looking


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        Nice id like to do that for my setup


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          Good Job


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            looks like they turned out great.
            Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.


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              Those look great man! Good job, and yea they will be better than your spider reflectors



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                Nice job. I love lumenarc reflectors.


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                  Thanks everyone, it was a fun project. Now the next thing I want to do is switch out my 250 12k coralvue bulbs and try the radium 20k's, seems alot of folks like them.