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  • Geo media reactor mod

    I have the small media reactor with the elevated base plate. I have noticed that the carbon tends to clump up and even when I turn up the flow it only moves on the side away from the input. I had an idea but it was pretty scary. I decided to bust out the base plate and put in a spray bar. I got his idea from Geos new mini ca reactor. First thing I did was to break up the base. After that was out i took the uniseal out and very gently hit the riser pipe with a screw driver and hammer. It was very scary at first but after a few whacks while supporting the body with my knees it broke off right at the base.
    Now for the spray bar. I drilled two lines of holes at about 45 degrees angled out and down. I then put one of the coarse media sponges on top of the spray bar then put in the media.
    It works amazingly. Very uniform flow and fluidization, and It has not clumped up like before.
    Not sure if anyone else has had that problem with this reactor but if you have this is a very good mod.