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March 2016 Meeting: CORA Member Auction - March 12th

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  • March 2016 Meeting: CORA Member Auction - March 12th

    We will be holding our member auction this spring again.

    March 12th 5-7pm at
    Thompson North Shelter House in Upper Arlington

    4250 Woodbridge Rd
    Upper Arlington, OH 43220

    - Admission is FREE!!!
    - Members only can sell - membership can be completed at the auction or in advance via the link on the Homepage. Anyone can bid.
    - Registration begins at 5pm and the auction will last from 5:30pm -8:30pm
    - You may bring up to 3 items to sell and if we have time left over we will auction off any other items
    - Please let everyone know what you are bringing in this thread
    - No selling fee
    - In the interest of seeing some high-quality items, you can set up a reserve for your items
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    I'll have a frag of Chili Pepper Montipora

    A frag of RokelM's micromussa.

    Maybe a couple pieces of this if there's any interest. Aquavista's Raging Bull

    You can see the micro in the back right of the pic above, a better pic


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      Im seeking LPS colonies. No frags. No greens or browns.
      Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.


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        That raging bull is super nice!!!!!


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          I should be there. I will get some WYSIWYG pictures together this weekend.


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            Camera died so no WYSIWYG photos tonight. Here is what I'm planning on bringing.

            Tyree Armageddon II 10+ polyps

            Red Dragon Acro

            Tyree Asprea Chalice

            ATL Strawberry Fields Acro

            Paletta Plana

            Cward Tricolor

            Kryptonite Calustrea - colony with over 45 heads!

            Neon Green Montipora Monasteriata

            Christmas Tree Favia


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              I'll be bringing some miscellaneous things.....

              24 inch T5/MH combo light
              CO2 tank with hose and gauges
              Coral viewer
              Probably dig out some more stuff today
              This is my reef tank
              There are many like it
              But this one is mine

              93 Gallon Rimless Cube, Full Apex, 2x Kessil A360WE, Bashsea Twisted Skimmer, 2x Geo Media Reactors, Maxspect Gyre 150, Bubble Magus Doser, 30 Gallon Geo Sump, 20 Gallon Geo Fuge


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                Very nice looking corals, everyone! Should be a great event!


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                  Originally posted by Imsalty View Post
                  I'll be bringing some miscellaneous things.....

                  CO2 tank with hose and gauges
                  Hmmmm...I was thinking about bringing my DIY GEO 618 Calcium Reactor, with Eheim pump. ...any interest out there, or should I bid on the CO2 tank, and sell it as a set?


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                    my DIY GEO 618 Calcium Reactor
                    Am I not reading this right? Is it a DIY or a GEO?

                    I remember making a DIY KA reactor with Geo at a meeting.
                    Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.


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                      Sorry. I guess that wasn't clear. This is a DIY GEO knockoff calcium reactor. It is NOT GEO quality. It's Rusty quality. It works fine, but it looks like I used a chainsaw to cut the lid and the bottom plate.

                      I remember the Kalk reactor meeting with GEO as well. That was a great one. We should do that again sometime. Maybe we should contact the new owners to see if they would want to do something.


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                        Thinking of bringing
                        1. GEO 618 calcium reactor with Co2 tank and regulator
                        2. Reef Octopus Biopellet Reactor
                        3. Nextreef MR1 XL media reactor.
                        Provided I am able to make it.


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                          Any details on how these will be displayed? Just names on containers? Should we print photos?


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                            "Chainsaw!" Many thing I do involve the use of a chainsaw....haha

                            35 gallon GEO mixed reef tank; 2 Kessil 160s; full apex and mp10.


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                              Looking forward to this auction. My first one to attend.