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Your longest lived inverts?

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  • Your longest lived inverts?

    I've had a pair of nassarius snails in my tank since 2012. I have no idea how long they're supposed to live but they have outlived all of my other snails by years.

    What's the oldest invert you've ever had?

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    We've got a couple hermit crabs that just refuse to die, they have been going strong for at least 3 years. No idea how long those things live but I assumed it was short. They have annihilated just about every snail in the tank but we just can't pull them out as we've grown fond of them
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      I have some urchins that are 10 years old


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        Originally posted by icu2 View Post
        I have some urchins that are 10 years old
        That's impressive. How long do those typically live?


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          I have a few 'oldies'

          Serpent Starfish +9yrs
          Electric Blue Hermit Crab +11yrs
          Pincushion Urchin 6yrs


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            I've had a halloween urchin for at least 3 yrs, haven't really kept track though could be longer. Also do my snail eating nudibrachs count? Going on 6 plus years with those although I know it's not the same one. Unless a regenerated piece (frag) counts as one in the same.


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              I've had a serpent starfish for about 7 years now. I forget I have it until I feed my tank