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Anyone know of a Berghia Nudibranch breeder?

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  • Anyone know of a Berghia Nudibranch breeder?

    Hey All!

    Does anyone know of either a hobbyist that's breeding Berghia or a shop that has them in frequently? I need to get my hands on some for my NPS tank as they're basically the only form of Aiptasia control that'll work for that tank. I've managed to find some sources for them online, however I can't verify their credibility and so I'm inclined to avoid them. I asked Aaron at Rivers to Reefs to look for them on his lists, so hopefully he can get some in if I can't find anyone that's breeding them.

    If no one is breeding them locally, then this may end up being a resource that I share with all of you as I'll likely have to start culturing them to make sure that I have some to eliminate Aiptasia when it strikes. If that happens I might have to start "borrowing" your Aiptasia.

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    Who online were you looking at? I bought some from a guy online about a decade ago when I had a problem, and they were great. They showed up alive, and bred within a week. I think they were around $15-20 apiece though.

    I feel like the website had the name Berghia in the name, but it's been a while.