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  • anemone growth

    Just wondering if someone can shine some light on this, my rose nem will get to about 6 inches across than split. I'm not looking for a lot I just want a decent size one 10+ inches. Does it vary by strain? My goal is to get a pair of gold stripe maroon pair later and from my experience they've been super rough with the nem.

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    I think it depends on the individual nem. I got a nem from another member on here it was about 12 inches of a disc when I had it in my tank the first couple of days it was about 8 inches than I noticed it split into 2 I love this nem not only becUse of its size but it's also a rainbow BT. I've had rbt in the past that only grew to about 6 inches than split and I've had a gbt that grew over 12 inches.

    I think it's the individual nem and its environment plays a large part of its size.

    With maroon clowns I would honestly get a carpet nem if you don't plan to have any other fish. They can take the beating from a maroon


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      I see, how's the care level for carpets? Anyone have first hand experience with carpets? Thanks for the reply


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        I've wanted to have a carpet nem but atm can't take the risk of one due to fish in tank


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          carpets are just way more likely to eat your prized tang that you love so much ;p


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            That's not good :/


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              Carpets are only suitable if you have a clown fish only tank and then it should be only certain kind of clowns