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  • Anemone I.D.?

    Hi folks, I got some gulf rock in last week and have been soft cycling it in my cardiff.

    A few of these anemones came in on it, and I want to know if this is a pest or not. It doesn't look like the spindly aiptasia I've seen online, and it's tentacles look pointier at the tips than the mojanos I've seen in pics, but I would like your advice. In real color, it's brownish with light stripes on the tentacles and has a long stalk (or whatever the base is called). The tentacles curl in near the tips, although you can't see them clearly in this pic.

    Also, my ammonia seems to be at cycle-level (as in it's really high and fluctuates with my water changes as I combat die-off), but my cup corals seem really happy and are always waiting with polyps extended for food (I feed them mysis every three days or so). I'm surprised by this. I also have a few astrea snails that are pretty happy grazing around the tank. Are these species more tolerant of poor water quality?

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    Probably a tulip anemone. I'd remove it asap either way.


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      ^^ agree


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          +1 - not a positive reef inhabitant