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    So a short back story... I got started in this hobby/addiction when my wife's boss's son moved to California and couldn't take his 10 gallon setup with him. It came with a black & white clown and an engineer goby. Fast forward three years to today....I am starting an upgrade from my 125 to a 180 and I've run into a snag. I have a derasa clam who prefers the sandbed and the **** engineer goby has survived two tank crashes and is still here wrecking my sandbed. Sometime the other night, the goby relandscaped the sandbed and the clam fell into his hole and decided to attach to the live rock. When I noticed his issue I tried to move the clam but instantly realized he is clinging to the rock to avoid the goby's sinkhole. Anyone know of any sucessful means of getting him to release? I've used RO ice cubes on rock anemones and that seemed to work but I can't get my hands under this guy. I don't want to start dismantling the rock work with him still attached and if I try to back fill the goby lair he/she just empties it back out.

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    Can you gently slide a razor blade between the clam and the rock?


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      Doubtful. He's half on the sand and the other end is perched on the rock about 2 inches off the bottom glass so I can't even see where it's holding on to attempt it. So I would be cutting blind.

      I just found out that they are inducing my wife tomorrow so maybe with a week off I'll be able to keep the sand piled up under it and coax it loose.


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        Well CONGRATULATIONS! :beer: