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She died.

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  • She died.

    My female mandrin ive been trying to save has died. Not from illness she simply jumped out of the tank last night. Its so hard to get a female mandrin that i dont know if I will continue my breeding efforts. At least not right now. Im sure if I stumble upon another female ill buy her but im not going to actively search for another one. I had nursed her back to health from her mystery illness/injury and had finally got her eating frozen shrimp this past week.

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    bummer that sucks. I just lost a female bellus. out of the blue not sure what happened. My make is around 8yrs old and has survived 2 females now. I always get depressed when a fish dies.


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      I haven't lost anything anything in a long time and the past few weeks have been terrible. I moved my dosing containers and must have pulled the line loose for the alkalinity. Needless to say that caused a huge alk swing from from normal 10.0 to 7.0. So im in the process of watching a bunch of sps colonies die. Now this mandrin jumped out of the QT. It sucks but stuff happens. Im just beating myself up because both of my recent loses could have been prevented.


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        Dude. I'm really sorry. Those types of losses really hurt.