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  • ID please.

    Can anyone help me ID what this white bone like thing is? I rescued this mandrin around 3 weeks ago. She had this white spot on her, she was skinny, but I figured I may be able to save her. She eats like a pig, swims great, and is very active. I think its possibly damage from when she was harvested or maybe attacked by a crab at the lfs. She was in a tank with about 20+ emerald crabs.

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    that photo for me is extremely small, if it is in QT and it appears to be like a 'sore' a lot of people use iodine dosing to help heal any wounds


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      Can you load a larger photo? If it is acting healthy I would leave it alone. It is possibly a wound from handling or emeralds. Mandarins don't handle meds well so I wouldn't suggest that.
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        interesting, would you consider iodine a medicine? I havnt heard any bad stories from it as a lot of people regularly dose it into their reef.