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Tank Transfer Method (TTM) from RC - thoughts?

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  • Tank Transfer Method (TTM) from RC - thoughts?

    Anyone follow this schedule/method when bringing new fish home and preparing them for the tank?

    Or is this just a bunch of extra work and you can just as easily observe them in a single tank for a bit longer?

    I would think the multiple transfers btwn tanks places even more stress on the fish.


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    as soon as they are home, I float for an hour, I use a drip method to introduce them to their new water conditions over 40 minutes to an hour. Once in the QT, I do very small frequent water changes using our existing tank water. Generally keep them for 30+ days before moving to the display tank.

    One thing I learned early on was to make sure you have good lighting over the Qt tank so you can really get a good clear look at the fish. I remember years ago thinking they looked great and as soon as I placed them in the main tank under substantial lighting, I was able to clearly see they were covered with ick. Lost every fish but the yellow tang.
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      I have very limited fish stocking currently and have not done this so far. With that said, I have the tanks and all future additions will be going through this method of quarantine. I am thoroughly convinced it is the best method to minimize risk of bringing a pathogen into your tanks and reduced stress.

      I believe the basic premise is that you are minimizing stress by keeping the water virtually identical between transfers (salinity, temp, ph), so that the subject experiences minimal stress from the transfers.

      I hope you get a good number of responses here, since I am also curious what the 'popular' opinion is around CORA.
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        Thanks for the feedback - hoping to see more responses as well to figure out what the our CORA members do as well.