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poly toxin!!! no joke

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  • poly toxin!!! no joke

    So, I fragged some zoas two weeks ago and when I cut them a very very small drop shot right in my eye!!! Boy I've payed for it for the past two weeks although my eye didn't gook up and loose eye sight like some, it was still a little painful and my eye looked like I was a zombie!!! So long story short, no matter how long you think you've been doing this or how good u are, always wear personal protection equipment!!!!! It was bad enough to need antibiotic eye drops

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    Nasty stuff! I got it in my mouth some how and it was numb for a few days plus a metallic taste to everything.

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      Glad you are on the mend.


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        Yeah, that stuff is no joke. I keep a mask, gloves and safety goggles on hand for that very reason. There was a guy on RC who used hot water to clean some rock that had palys on it and the toxin went up with the steam and put him in the hospital. It also sickened his whole family. He almost died from it! Nasty stuff.


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          Glad you are doing well now...sounds like it could have been much worse.


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            I feel yah! What is in our tanks is no joke. Here is a fun experience I had!


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              My eye doctor gave me antibiotic drops for my eyes to just keep on hand.

              I have never got anything strong into my eyes directly, but have had just a small air bubble from my skimmer pop and get into my eye and it hurt the next morning bad.

              I think I have just rubbed my eyes before not thinking to wash thoroughly before doing it and ended up with a serious eye infection.

              Very handy to have. I just explained the situation to him and prescribed Tobramtcin drops. Amazing stuff.

              I have actually used it 3 -4 times in the past cpl of years. If my eye gets the least bit more than a bad itchy feeling, Im grabbing the drops. Nothing worse feeling than an eye infection.
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                I use a face shield and nitrile gloves for all of my coral fragging after hearing some of the horror stories. Not just from paly toxins, but from other stuff like bristleworm stings and even mantis shrimp bites. You never really know what you're getting into, so it's best to protect yourself.

                Gloves are cheap, doctors visits and medications are not!
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                  I'm still healing from my instance 2 weeks ago tomorrow. All scabbed over and healing well but don't EVER want to have that happen again.

                  Glad your doing OK.
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