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Wanted To Buy forum Rules

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  • Wanted To Buy forum Rules

    Just a few rules:

    Reef and aquarium related items only.

    Unrelated items should go in the off topic or yard sale sections. I don't care how cute those baby chinchillas are or how many horsepower your lawnmower has.

    If it's your frags from corals you've nurtured, or stuff that you really used on your tank and you're finally ready to part with it, then sell away.

    Commercial posts will be removed. the moderator's discretion. Basically, if you continually happen to have good deals on lots of equipment, or if you bought a bunch of stuff to simply resell, it'll get removed from the forum.

    Same deal if you suddenly have a ton of acro frags from your 20 gallon LPS tank. The idea here is to encourage people to culture and grow their corals rather than import or buy a big colony to hack up and sell for profit.

    Group Buy / Power Buy

    Group buy's are not sponsored or insured by the club unless it is explicitly stated by the officers... and that's very rare.

    So if a group buy goes bad, don't come whining to us. We don't care if it started in this forum.

    One other caveat... if you have a vendor's license, do not initiate a group buy. We will assume that you are getting wholesale pricing or transshipping livestock and acting in a commercial manner - even if you don't make a dime.

    Threads in the Wanted To Buy forums can only be started or replied to by "paid CORA Members".

    The 99% Rule

    99% of people don't need to worry about these rules because they weren't going to break them anyway...
    Last edited by Zeppelin; 03-27-2011, 10:51 AM. Reason: Modified posting rules to exclude non paid members from participating in the WTB forums

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    In our continuing effort to get the word out to a wider audience that CORA is in Central Ohio, coupled with our ongoing effort to make membership in CORA have ever increasing value, we have made the WTB forum a ‘club forum’.

    In addition to adding value to a CORA annual membership, this change has the added effect of making it less likely members may be misled about an item offered in response to a WTB ad. As we expand our reach to let fellow reefers know we are available to help them succeed in this hobby, we also make ourselves known to more users whose agenda may primarily be finding another avenue to sell items. Since some users of our forum are not members, they may also not see any responsibility in being honest and forthright regarding quality, condition, or actual operation of an item offered. We feel this is less likely to happen when all responses to your WTB thread are responses from CORA members.

    We want to thank all our CORA members for helping to keep the integrity of our club at the high level it is currently at. Our community has grown over the years, and hopefully will continue to grow into the future. It is our membership, through meetings, and forum participation, that makes CORA the organization it is. Without our members, we do not exist.
    PEACE.....from Zeppelin