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A scoop of sand and some good lr rubble

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  • A scoop of sand and some good lr rubble

    Since starting the new tank I've had zero life in my sand and have been working off of just a couple of older pieces of live rock along with a bunch of dry rock. If anyone has any good sand teeming with life I'd appreciate a scoop of it. Also if anyone has any good live rubble rock I can throw in my sump it also would be appreciated. I only will pay for materials from established systems with no pest problems. I'm willing to pay appropriately.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I have a 20# bag of fiji pink Aragalive for 20 bucks. Got it for my tank but am still on the fence on if I want to do sand again or not.


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      I'm not looking for dry sand, my main goal is to add some biodiversity to my sand bed and tank in general. I'd like to get some worms and the like.


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        Bump... Anyone?


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          if you want a scoop of sand you can have some, I don't really keep rubble though. I don't see the need to seed sand personally